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The only large venues available that day typically require fees to use, but new Chancellor Carol Christ decided Thursday to offer them free of cost to the student group, “in the context of her commitment to free speech,” said spokesman Dan Mogulof. “At this point it is not a matter of Shapiro will come on 14th,” but only a question of exactly where and at what time, he said.

Those details will be worked out with the College Republicans.

Earlier this month, the Berkeley College Republicans (BCR) and sponsor Young America’s Foundation (YAF) asked the university if they could reserve a 500-person venue for controversial writer Ben Shapiro on the evening of Sept. This week, Cal officials said that “despite extensive efforts,” they were unable to identify a spot that met those requirements.

Instead, Cal’s Division of Student Affairs said in an email to BCR that the university has tentatively reserved multiple other venues — large ones on other dates, and smaller ones on the requested date — for Shapiro.

(Chris Greenberg/Bloomberg News) As the Senate prepares to vote this week on its Republican leaders’ quest to demolish the Affordable Care Act, a former GOP senator from a more bipartisan time is pleading with his successors to resist “bullying” to support a bill they do not yet understand.

senator David Durenberger of Minnesota, shown here in a 2006 photo, is urging his Republican successors to oppose a vote that would allow legislation repealing parts of the Affordable Care Act to move forward.

One version would simply undo central parts of the ACA, such as its insurance subsidies and requirement that most Americans carry coverage.

Another measure, considered in several iterations in recent weeks, would go further by replacing parts of the 2010 law, including reworking the subsidies and transforming the funding of Medicaid. to have a vote early this week,” Mc Connell’s spokesman, Don Stewart, said Sunday. You understand what it would mean to your constituents. And when it doesn’t add up, you vote against it,” he wrote.

“There exists a possibility that the security review will result in recommendations from UPD that would preclude the use of some of these venues and/or might rule out certain hours for the event,” the email said.These Essential Health Benefits rules require insurance companies to cover critical care, such as treatment by doctors, hospital stays, and prescription-drug costs.The guarantee of Essential Health Benefits means that no insurer can provide any health plan that excludes these critical benefits.Here is the summary from the House Committee on Ways and Means: REPEAL AND REPLACE OF HEALTH-RELATED TAX POLICY The amount a household is required to pay towards their premiums is based on income.If a household’s income increases during the tax year, excess premium tax credits may result.As recently as Sunday, party leaders in the chamber were indicating that they were unsure such a usually routine motion could pass.


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