Who has diane kruger dating

It's the first time we've seen the two out and about in a romantic capacity, though relationship rumors first swirled between the two back in 2015 when Diane was still dating Joshua Jackson; they met on the set of Sky — Josh was also in the film — and were reportedly caught "making out" in an NYC bar in December of that year.

'There's no more talking to people anymore,' said the award-winning actor. The move was make or break and in the end, it broke them.And by private moments, we mean this make-out session.This week’s sighting confirms the dating rumors surrounding the former co-stars, who first became acquainted on the set of the 2015 drama and were speculated to be dating in 2016 after Kruger’s 10-year-relationship with fellow actor Joshua Jackson ended.They left smiling and holding hands and spoke to random people on the street before the stopped at a corner and made out for half an hour, an eyewitness told E! The two then went to another bar."They looked like they had a great time!! Reedus and Kruger have also been fueling the romance rumors in recent weeks.Earlier this month, Kruger was spotted walking in Barcelona, where Reedus was opening a new photography exhibition.The star has appeared to have moved on; Earlier this month, he was photographed making out with a mystery brunette at a wine bar in New York City.


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