Book dating a cougar

In her already complicated life, the last thing Alexa needs is another talk-show worthy drama! Author's Website : Facebook Page : https:// Also by Donna Mc Donald on obooko: Excerpt: All Alexa Ranger wanted in the whole world was a hot bath and an early night’s sleep.

Days like today where she ended up arguing with her entire staff made her seriously question why at fifty she still wanted to be the creative force behind her lingerie designs.

Many healthy, active women of 50 plus have, according to new medical statistics, at least 40 years yet to live.

They may decide they want to enjoy those years with a partner or someone in their life again to share the adventure together.

Earlier this year, Carnival Cruise Lines dropped its second annual "Cougar Cruise" for older single women and younger single men—even though the first voyage drew 300 spirited attendees.

And Google stirred up controversy a few months ago by banning the dating site Cougar Life from its content pages.

Needing to satisfy both sides of her brain, she is a cross-genre author of contemporary, fantasy, and paranormal romances. And the story of love, heartache, and forgiveness makes it all more appealing! I smile, laughed and "almost cried" and appreciated Ms. Alexa confident, self assured, smart, business minded and generous. Since I live in Maryland I knew the visualization of the settings were easy to relate to. The way the author pulled the reader into the developing relationship between the older woman and younger man was real and enchanting. If you start reading this book you will find it hard to put down.

She parked and flipped down a mirrored visor that had seen a lot of use. Her mineral powder seemed to still be keeping down the shine on her face; thank goodness for great foundation.

Pulling a lip gloss from her purse, she quickly and expertly dashed it across the generous lines of her mouth. Alexa pondered her reflection, finally deciding against brushing her hair and making it flatter.

Instead, she finger combed it until she had achieved what she considered to be an attractively disheveled look falling somewhere between .

He said, 'She looks like a cougar on the prowl.' I decided to make it a term for women 40-plus who date younger men and don't want to settle down." Other experts have expanded the definition to include older women who have long-term relationships with and marry men 10-plus years their junior.

The cougar craze has reached a fever pitch, with Hollywood rolling out productions that manage to both glamorize and mock the archetype.


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