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From a young age, Stirling had a fascination for dance, and desired to take both dancing and violin lessons.

She presents choreographed violin performances, both live and in music videos found on her eponymous You Tube channel, which she created in 2007.Stirling's eponymous debut album was a commercial success in Europe, selling 200,000 copies in Germany, winning a platinum certification; three additional certifications were given by Austria, Switzerland and Poland.The debut album was nominated for the 2014 Billboard Music Awards for Top Dance/Electronic Albums.Delighted to announce the first wave of my 2017 engagements including a tour to the U.S with Judith Owen, a happy return to Mexico to continue my work as Ambassador of Prisma , Morgan Szymanski’s wonderful foundation , and to perform a series of recitals and concerts with him in some of Mexicos finest concert venues, and much more.The performance was also attended by students from The Regis School.


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