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Common grasses are Themeda triandra, Cymbopogon plurinodes, Eragrostis lehmanniana, Eragrostis superba, Heteropogon contortus and Lippia scaberima.Aquatic vegetation is dominated by Potamogeton pectinatus The p H of the water ranges between 9,2 and 10,4.For example, a repair company is likely to measure TAT from the point of arrival of the defective item to its shipment if it deems that other aspects of the process are outside its' control.A freight company may similarly measure the pickup to delivery time delta.4) TAT may sometimes also be measured from point of customer complaint to disposition (scrap, recycle or resale) of of the returned item.Here you will find messages from the Scramble Administration and Editorial Team. You can also leave any comments or suggestions about this Message Board, the Scramble website or the magazine.In 1913, Jan Christiaan Smuts, who owned a farm near the southern end of the pan, provided the labour and his foreman supervised the digging of a channel which diverted water from the Harts River into the pan, which lies about 9km lower than the river.

The base is broadly flat with an irregular surface for grinding.

This hampers the growth of higher vegetation, which is usually present in the littoral zone of fresh waters.

The vegetation of this zone is predominantly sedges (Juncus and Cyperus spp.).

Here are some possible interpretations.1) TAT from the perspective of a consumer returning goods at a store.

The consumer may get almost instantaneous problem resolution by the issuing of a credit note or exchange item, if the return is made to a store.


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