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Here are the steps I usually follow to get the machines listed in the WSUS management console. Assuming you are deploying your WSUS settings by GPO, make sure the machine in question is actually trying to apply the policy, you can do this by running like so: Or by running gpresult /R from command line Note: If you cannot see Computer Policy / Computer Settings, i.e.

you can only see user settings, then you are probably not running the command window as ‘Administrator’ (Locate In the Search/Run box type Locate the Windows Update service and ensure it is running. Then locate the Background Intelligent Transfer Service and make sure that’s also running. To make sure the client can see the WSUS website, open a browser window, and navigate to make sure you can open/download the file. If all the above is OK, you can try forcing a registration with the following command; 8.

This provides centralized update management and more efficient use of bandwidth than if every machine in the environment were to download updates directly from Microsoft.

WSUS doesn't "push" updates to machines in the environment; rather, it stores them and waits for machines to "check in" and download the ones they need.

In one of the previous articles we have described the installation of a WSUS server on Windows Server 2012 in detail.

The next step – configure Windows clients to use a deployed WSUS server.

Due to the issue, but seemingly explained away as a "new approach to servicing," Microsoft is extending the requirement for the installation of Update 1 from 30 days to 120 days.

The primary goal of this course is to give IT professionals hands-on experience using Windows Server on a day-to-day basis.The WSUS management console provides an administrator with the ability to easily see which updates are available and which machines require them.The administrator is also able to classify machines into different groups and select which updates will be available to which groups.Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) provides a convenient way to keep Windows servers and clients up to date as new updates are released by Microsoft.A WSUS server downloads updates from Microsoft Update (or, in a large and distributed environment, from another WSUS server) and stores them in a database, from which machines that require the updates can download and apply them.UPDATE: I'm now told that the 120 day extension was not dependent on the WSUS issue.


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