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Then it belonged to the Prince-Archbishopric of Bremen.In 1630 it was occupied by Sweden for a short period of time. Jealous lover 5005 – Trio Joyce: Eddie, my love/Dimmi una bugia 5006 – Trio Joyce: Catena d’amore/Il piccolo tamburino 5007 – Anna D’Amico: Non siamo più amici/No! 3090 – Oscar Carboni: Corde delle mia chitarra/Cancello tra le rose 3091 – Len Mercer and his Orchestra: Lisboa antigua/Penny serenade 3092 – Len Mercer and his Orchestra: Anastasia/Miarka 3093 – ? Jones, Wess, Charles, Waldrow, Watkins, Taylor: Olio 2044 – Chet Baker and Bud Shank: Theme Music from ‘The James Dean Story’ 2046 – Sonny Rollins Plus Four 2047 – Miles Davis All Star Sextet and Quintet 2048 – Sonny Rollins Four: Saxophone Colossus 2049 – André Previn & his Pals: Pal Joey 2052 – Bud Shank with Len Mercer and his Strings: I’ll Take Romance 2054 – Lee Konitz Plays with The Gerry Mulligan Quartet 2056 – The Eddy Charles Quartet: Collaboration West 2057 – Herbie Mann-Bobby Jaspar: Flute Flight 2059 – The Miles Davis Quintet: Relaxin’ with 2060 – Artisti vari: Wheelin’ & Dealin’ 2064 – The Montgomery Brothers and 5 Others 2066 – Milt Jackson & Ray Charles: Soul Brothers 2067 – The Modern Jazz Quartet: One Never Knows 2068 – Shorty Rogers & his Giants: Way up There 2069 – Artisti vari: Have Blues Will Travel – The Blues Volume Two 2070 – Jimmy & Mama Yancey: Pure Blues 2073 – Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers with Thelonious Monk 2075 – Milt Jackson: Bags & Flutes 2076 – Nunzio Rotondo: The Artistry of 2077 – Bud Shank Quintet: Compositions of Shorty Rogers 2080 – Gil Evans with Julian ‘Cannonball’ Adderly: New Bottle Old Wine 2082 – Chet Baker Quartet & Quintet: Pretty Groovy 2083 – Artisti vari: Jazz in Hi-Fi – The Sound of Big Band 2084 – Artisti vari: Jazz West Coast Vol.4 2086 – Bud Shank-Laurindo Almeida: Holiday in Brazil 2087 – The Mastersounds: Ballad & Blues 2090 – Artisti vari: The Blues 2092 – Artisti vari: The Mastersounds in Concert 2093 – Artisti Vari: Jazz West Coast Vol.5 2095 – Buddy Collette: The Soft Touch of 2096 – John Coltrane – Trio & Quintet: Lush Life 2097 – The Miles Davis Quintet: Streamin’ with 45 giri – Serie 5000×45 5001 – Riccardo Vantellini e il suo Complesso: Sono papà/Indimenticabile 5002 – Riccardo Vantellini e il suo Complesso: Per un bacio/La borricana 5003 – Nicola Arigliano: Don’t forbid me/All the way 5004 – Bernie Green: Memories are made of this/Hey! 5008 – Anna D’Amico: Sinceri/L’aprile sei tu 5009 – Andrea Tosi e il suo Complesso: Glendora/Lentamente, dolcemente 5010 – Andrea Tosi e il suo Complesso: La gumba/Auf wiedersenh’n mi visa 5011 – Duo Maggi: Lo stroll/Promessa d’amore fedele 5012 – Fatima Robbins: Witchcraft/My special angel 5013 – Fatima Robbins: Bon voyage/Non maledir l’amore 5014 – Fatima Robbins: Non maledir l’amore/Nostalgia marinara 5015 – Andrea Tosi e il suo Complesso: Domenica è sempre domenica/La più bella del mondo 5016 – Andrea Tosi e il suo Complesso: Little darlin’/Ehi, ehi, gelosa 5019 – Emilio Pericoli: Bon voyage/Non Parlar 5020 – Emilio Pericoli: Dors, mon amour/Come prima Extended Play – Serie EPF 100 104 – Bernie Green with Walter Elgon Orchestra: The Joker is Wild 107 – Jimmy Duncan with Dick Brandon Orchestra.Online dating sites use market metaphors to match people.Match metaphors are conceptual frameworks that allow individuals to make sense of new concepts by drawing upon familiar experiences and frame-works.In Germany government financed NGOs like "Verbraucherschutzzentrale" sometimes help to sue online dating sites.

Flora: well what do you know, there are people living on this island after all. [Before she knocks on the door, it opens from the inside. I would greatly appreciate if you allow me to stay on this island just for a day. Law isn’t charmed in the slightest, but he decides to be lenient anyway. you may stay, but you’re not allowed in this house. He was also part of the Worst Generation just like dad. He only teamed up with father to defeat a common foe. Blu: looks like we found ourselves a deserted island. If there are edible plants and animals living here, this could be a nice place to hunt. You were one of the most renowned pirates from the Pirate Era! You’re that girl who fought alongside Black Leg Sanji!!!!!!!!! You were with the pirates that threatened Sanji’s restaurant! In 1823 the Duchy was abolished and its territory became part of the Stade Region.), following the plans of Johann Paul Heumann, Hanoveran court architect of King and Elector George II Augustus of Great Britain and Hanover.Giulio Libano: T’insegnerò l’amore/Chi sussurrò nel buio 2266 – Johnny Ritter con Complesso Giulio Libano: Sogno d’estate/La gioia di vederti 2267 – Johnny Ritter con Complesso Giulio Libano: Nulla/Alberi 2269 – Cosimo Di Ceglie e il suo Complesso: Maruska/Scettico blu (Con Sergio Bozzetti) 2270 – Phil Nicoli and his Band: Rodeo/Mambo-Woogie 2278 – Ugo Calise e il suo Complesso: Vieneme ‘nzuonno/Sarrà… 2280 – Morghern Mellier: The happy organ/Smoke gets in your eyes 2283 – Grethe & Jorgen Ingmann: No other arms, no other lips/Come softly to me 2287 – Caterina Villalba: Cammina nella nebbia/Quando la luna 2289 – Roby Guareschi col Complesso Bruno Clair: Meglio così/Io devo 2292 – Caterina Villalba: Amore fantastico/Il grande cielo 2294 – Cosimo Di Ceglie e il suo Complesso: Tic ti tic ta/Lucciole vagabonde 2295 – I Dandies canta Fabian: Un telegramma/Por que tu me acostumbraste 2296 – I Dandies: Come una bambola/Mademoiselle cha cha cha 2297 – Rick Valente: Incantami/Bambina come te 2298 – Caterina Villalba: Sur la place/Melody 2299 – Cosimo Di Ceglie e il suo Complesso: Birichina/Amore mio 2300 – Terry Gibson and his Rocking Guitar: La blonde/Dove ti vet Marieta 2301 – Terry Gibson and his Rocking Guitar: Urlo rock/Guitar theme 2302 – Marcellino e i Fuorilegge: Qualcosa accadrà/Bella e semplice 2303 – Marcellino e i Fuorilegge: Lasciami vivere/Non so dimenticare 2304 – Rick Valente: Trini/Sempre (The man inside) 2305 – Rick Valente: Welcome to Rome/Lei, soltanto lei!


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